About Waterless Tattoos

Waterless  Tattoos.com is a growing branch of Crooks Advertising Alliance, a  creative strike force specializing in creative problem-solving. We're  located in Leslie, MI about 20 miles south of Michigan's State Capitol,  Lansing.

Waterless Tattoo.com began because of an interest in Waterless  Tattoos by a Kalamazoo, MI-area March of Dimes chapter in the fall of  2007. The head of that one chapter shared Waterless Tattoos with others  at a regional meeting. Next thing we knew we were getting inquiries from  New Jersey to Montana.

About this same time, I was toying with the concept of niche websites,  websites that focused on one particular product or service. In this case  Waterless Tattoos. I believed that a website that focused on one single  product would be able to deliver the kind of information and expertise  people were looking for. 

Years ago when towns were small, people sought out the expert by  visiting such businesses as the butcher, the baker and the electronic  repair shop. But as people began to move to the suburbs, we gave up the  quality and knowledge of the expert for the convenience of the mall  and  super stores. I believe in part, because it just wasn't easy any more  to get downtown to the experts.

Today, the internet has once again made it easy to find the expert in  nearly everything, including Waterless Tattoos. It was my goal to put  the information I believed you'd be looking for on this site. I've  loaded Waterless Tattoos.com with tons of information about waterless  tattoos, how to use waterless tattoos and the benefits of waterless  tattoos.

I've also done something else for which I took a lot of grief - I made my  telephone number (517-589-0008) easy to find. If you want  to call us, we're happy to take your call. We want to make it as easy as  possible for you to get your questions answered. Many people feel that a  website should replace personal contact. I believe a website should  give you the knowledge you want so that you can feel comfortable about calling us.

Beyond my huge interest in Waterless Tattoos, I'm an Assistant  Scoutmaster, former children's baseball and soccer coach and enjoy  reading, camping, canoeing and domestic travel. I've been in advertising  and promotional marketing since 1984.

Visit us on facebook at www.facebook.com/waterlesstattoo. 

Learn more about our parent company at CrooksAdvertising.com